The Shed

We have a shed area made for breakfast, lunch or dinner for resort guests and also for all other visitors. It has a pre-order system because we believe in preparing food fresh. This system also helps filter the general public and keep this place private.!

Chaupal(Conference Hall):-

It is equipped with a projector, air conditioners, and a home theatre system. Apart from conferences it can be used for meals on hot days and for sports or movie screenings. The Chaupal can accommodate about 30-40 people.

Recreation Room

With our recreation room in place, parents need not worry about keeping kids occupied! We have plenty to entertain them – right from darts and carom-boards, to books and outdoor sports equipment, the recreation room has it all.

Mud Huts

We have 2 mud huts with 2 rooms in each hut which is air cooled. Each room has triple occupancy, thus it can accommodate a total of 12 people. The speciality of mud huts is that they automatically regulate temperature in accordance with the season keeping the insides comparatively cooler in summers and warmer in winters.


We have recently constructed 6 rooms with double occupancy. They are air conditioned and offer a great view.


Sprawling lawns are spread across different spaces and levels, each of them maintained with utmost care and attention, perfect for hosting private parties, get-togethers and events or for taking a stroll.


We have set up camping tents for people who would like to have a complete camping experience with barbeques and campfires.

Hammocks and Khatiyas

To make the most of lazy days.

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