Sports & Camping

A home to sit back and relax.

Sports & Camping

A green haven rich with hundreds of trees and plant species, we offer our spaces for yoga Retreats, Nature Walks and Camping activities for the more adventurous, outbound guests.

Embark on a day trek around the valley bring your friends for an evening of sport or simply curl up in a hammock with your friends along for an evening of sport or simply curl up in a hammock with your favorite book! Experience the purity of a land undisturbed by urban life , and be one with nature.

  • Sunrise Yoga with the morning dew at your feet.
  • Meditations & Pranayam amidst forest trees and fruit orchards.
  • Nature Walks & Day Treks at the base of Dalma.
  • Hammocks, tents & khatiyas to make the most of lazy afternoons!
  • Sports, Outdoor Games & Activity Room.
  • One of the beauty spots for the happy camper – and the adventurous.
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset to end a healthy day.

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Enhance your well-being and unwind in luxury on our yoga, sports and holidays.