Campfires Barbecues & Farmrooms

Enjoy the opportunity to
remain in the forested areas and
sit by evening time campfires

Campfires Barbecues & Cottage Stays

Once the sunset in, Dalmanchal is enveloped in a nocturnal charm. The moonlit nights are perfect for campfires, barbecues and cottage stay for small groups of guest.

Take a break from the rush of work and city life , stretching out to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap nature. Our khet welcomes you to lose yourself in this magical atmosphere with-

  • Campfires in the lawns with light music.
  • Barbecues and cook-outs under the open sky.
  • Mud-hut experience a traditional Indian cottage stay.
  • Stargazing from a khaat in the gardens.
  • An opportunity to explore the natural habitats of the wild creatures.
  • With live organic farming while you stay.

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